Acoustic Works
by Aad Bos

Two limited edition designs

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An aesthetical mute

It’s time to improve your home acoustics - in a beautiful way.

Say hi to the Acoustic Works by Aad Bos. Unique artworks absorbing 95% of sound waves, avoiding reverberation (echoing) and improving room acoustics. Available in 2 limited edition designs.

Made of recyclable virgin wool and upcycled cotton.

The perfect acoustic improvement for your kitchen, home office or any other room that needs a little mute.

Where technology meets art

By combining a number of different open texture layers, the Acoustic Works manage to absorb 95% of sounds. Hence improving the acoustics of any room it is placed in.

More information on the acoustic qualities can be found in the test report, available for download below.

For optimal performance of a single work, it is best placed close to the receiver of the sound. For instance, above your desk or dining table, at ear height. For a bigger impact, place a second panel on another wall, preferably opposite each other.

Absorbing 95% of sounds

The acoustic material is made of recycled textile and absorbs 95% of the sound waves (Alpha W = 0,95), reducing echo and reverberation. Hence improving room acoustics.

Numbered limited edition

The Acoustic Works are pieces of art - and therefor only available in a limited edition. Each work is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Sustainable by design

Doing good and feeling well goes hand-in-hand. The Acoustic Works are made of responsible wood, fully recyclable virgin wool felt and upcycled cotton.

About Aad Bos

Amsterdam based designer Aad Bos has a minimalist and sculptural design approach. The development of the Acoustic Works were sparked by his fascination of the effect of sound and color on our brain and wellbeing.

These works for Object Embassy capture the playful flow of soft shapes, aimed to have a calming effect through the senses of sight, hearing and touch.

Designer Aad Bos sitting in front of Object Embassy Acoustic Works