In de media

We are delighted to be in the first edition of this years Eigen Huis & Interieur. Thank you for praising our book about behind Pierre Jeanneret - Behind the creator. 
A very special thanks to Residence magazine for capturing our first book launch and one year anniversary. We are thrilled about this big milestone and excited for all new products coming up!
Residence magazine put our chair on a pedestal highlighting its versatility as a dining/office chair. Working from home has never been this stylish.
Our Office Chairs are featured in the private residence of interior designer Dick Mulders, in the Spring / Summer edition of Talkies MAN magazine.
Object Embassy featured in the zen special for Eigen huis & interieur. Combining round and rectangular shapes for a balanced interior, starring our Office Chair.

We're thrilled to be featured on the cover of the April edition of vtwonen magazine. Thank you for showing off the versatility of our chair as a perfect work-from-home chair!

This spacious loft with sleek lines is build in an old school in Amsterdam. It's designed with wooden accents, like our Office Chair, to create a natural and peacefull atmosphere.
In the last issue of 2020 Jan magazine praises our chair for its quality, design and price. Thank you very much for that!
Object Embassy is honoured with a full-page article in the November issue of Quote magazine. As style journalist Yvo van Regteren Altena puts it; 'Object Embassy has managed to find the perfect balance between quality and price'.
We couldn't agree more.