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Our Chair

Fuelled by our love for design and years of experience in high-end wood manufacturing, we have managed to create top-quality Pierre Jeanneret design chairs for less than half the price of similar quality chairs. 

Our chairs were originally designed in the 1950's by Pierre Jeanneret and its workshops for the Indian City of Chandigarh. 

All newly manufactured Pierre Jeanneret design chairs are re-editions. However not all re-editions are created equal. At Object Embassy we take great pride in offering simply the best re-editions in the market.

About us

We just offer one type of chair, in one finish. We don't sell to shops, just directly to you, the design-lover.
By doing so, we can craft top quality re-editions of the iconic Pierre Jeanneret design chair, at an unmatched price point.

Our chairs are handmade with tremendous respect for the 50's designs and with a great eye for quality & detail.
Made from responsibly sourced teak and rattan.

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Top Quality

Teak only.

We only work with solid durable teak, just like the 1950's designs prescribed. Teak is resistant to moisture, heat and bugs. By using teak, we're confident our chairs will last for decades.

Original weaving.

A basic requirement for any quality Pierre Jeanneret design chair. The chairs have original square weaving - each string of rattan is carefully woven by hand into the frame.

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Handmade for perfection.

Each single chair is a piece of craftsmanship, meticulously made by highly skilled woodworkers and experienced master-weavers. 

Unique numbering

In the '50's every chair had its own individual identification number painted on the back, to keep track of inventory.

Our chairs are also provided with an unique identification number. We use state-of-the art deep wood laser engraving, rather than paint. We do this so we can trace every individual chair. From our fulfillment centre to were the wood was sourced.

Moreover it serves as a mark of authenticity so that you can rest assured that you have a genuine Object Embassy chair.

Trusted by top interior design studios

Visit our Pop-up Studio

We've opened up a Pop-up Studio where you can see and try our chairs in real life. It's located in high-end design district in Amsterdam South on Willemsparkweg 35.

Due to COVID-19 regulations we're currently only open by appointment. 

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Jan Mag praises Object Embassy

In the last issue of 2020 Jan magazine praises our chair for its quality, design and price. Thank you very much for that!

We're featured in Quote magazine

Object Embassy is honoured with a full-page article in the November issue of Quote magazine. As style journalist Yvo van Regteren Altena puts it; 'Object Embassy has managed to find the perfect balance between quality and price'.
We couldn't agree more.

We're modelling in Margriet magazine

Our Object Embassy chair is used in a fashion and design story by Margriet magazine about 'classics that never go out of style'.


News | March 2020
Object Embassy on cover Jan

Our Object Embassy chair is featured on the cover of Jan magazine (March 2020 edition). Dutch TV presenter Leonie ter Braak was interviewed by Jan and captured on the cover in our chair. 

Image copyright by Jan Magazine

Pierre Jeanneret design chairs

Made by hand to perfection for only €579