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Media collaborations
We love to work with journalists, media, magazines, stylists, bloggers, vloggers and all others that share our passion for carefully crafted products. If you would like to cover our company, talk about or products, use our chairs in a shoot or have an excellent idea for collaboration, please get in touch with our press team via We're happy to help.

Using our products for shoots
We have all of our products available for lending out for shoots at our Amsterdam studio. Please contact us via with your proposal.

Company introduction
In 2020 we were looking at the available offering of the high-end furniture market and got very frustrated. It was decent quality but unjustifiably expensive. Thats when we started Object Embassy, a company born out of our love for beautiful products.

Object Embassy is an online direct-to-consumer furniture brand that crafts and sells meticulously made furniture for a fraction of the price of comparable quality items. 

There are 2 reasons why we can achieve this unprecedented price/quality ratio. First of all we are as much a digital company as we are a furniture company. We only offer our our products online via our own website. By doing this we can bring our prices down significantly and it helps us generating relevant data and insight. This information helps us in making much more informed decisions than any other traditional furniture firm.

Second thing we do radically different is that we only produce things we really love. This makes for a smaller collection, more efficient production process and inventory management significantly and it helps us focus our energy into making each item perfect, one at a time.

Our mission is to offer the best furniture in the market for an honest price - a price that is honest to both our customers ánd our production partner and its employees.

We are succeeding in this mission with our chairs finding a home in more than 25 countries (as per December 2021).

Image Bank
Notes on logo usage
You can download our logos and in a variety of file formats. If you have any questions or need something else, do not hesitate to contact us. When using the Object Embassy logo, keep these things in mind;

  1. Always leave generous space around the logo so it’s never cramped.
  2. Maintain the original aspect ratio and do not distort the logo.
  3. Use the recommended colours and do not re-color the logo.
  4. Use the correct format for the medium (e.g. PDF for print, SVG for web).
  5. Use the correct size so it’s not ‘pixelated’ or ‘blurry’.

Notes on image usage
You can use our media assets for your publications. We would however appreciate that you refer to us when our media is published. When publishing online please always use a hyperlink text or image to our homepage or product page. We have the following types of images available in both high- and low resolution.

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Press releases
Our press releases are available in English and/or Dutch and can be downloaded below.

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