About us

The start
Object Embassy was launched in 2020. Our founder was excited to see the gaining popularity of the 1950’s Pierre Jeanneret design furniture. However this excitement was quickly squashed when he dove a little deeper in the available options. 

The market was split with on one hand affordable, yet low quality chairs. Poorly executed in terms of design, quality or even simply falsely advertised in terms of materials used. 

Other hand there were well produced and high quality re-editions, yet just simply super expensive. (In our humble opinion it’s hard to justify any €1500 price tag for a chair).

The journey
That’s when we started our quest to produce a top quality chairs for an honest price. 

We embarked on a fascinating journey of extensive research to the origin of the designs, the materialisation and production techniques used in the 1950’s. Along this journey we met with several potential production partners and eventually joined forces with a partner that not only could make these chairs better than any other company, but also shared our values in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. 

Why we're different
To make sure we could adhere to our initial goal of a top quality chair for an honest price we had to do a few things differently. First of all we are as much a digital company as we are a furniture company. We only offer our our products online via our own website. By doing this we can bring our prices down significantly and it helps us generating relevant data and insight. This information helps us in making much  more informed decisions than any other traditional furniture firm.

Second thing we do radically different is that we only produce a small selection of products, in one finish. This makes our production process and inventory management significantly more efficient and help us focus our energy into making each chair perfect, one at a time. 

Our mission
Our mission is to offer top quality chairs for an honest price - a price that is honest to both our customers ánd our production partner and its employees.

Meet the team


Customer Success Manager
Juul loves to make people happy. She handles requests regarding our products or services! Fun fact. Juul actually studied Law, but liked interior design so much that she joined our team!


Partnership Manager
Nobody knows the new media landscape better that Ian. He's always online and on the scout for new partners to join forces with. Ian also works on our social media channels.


Junior Product Designer
Adam has the rare mix of being super creative and analytical. A typical design by Adam is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also scientifically balanced.


Product Designer
Luis is driven by the idea that design is a tool that serves the user. His talent comes from a great sense of style and an almost phycological design approach.


Bing started Object Embassy out of frustration with the existing furniture industry. He couldn't find proper quality products for an honest price whilst designing development projects.


Business Development Associate
Lilly is outgoing, optimistic and has a great passion for interior design. Like no other she understands our professional clients - both in their creative and professional needs.


Online Marketing Specialist
Once you read this, Eldon has achieved his goal. He's in charge of making sure people, who are looking for top-quality products for an honest price, know where to find us. Mission accomplished.


Researcher & Editor
Alice is our UK native researcher and editor. She's in charge of making sure our chairs are 100% architectural correct. Moreover she is currently working on a very special publishing project!