Object Embassy is a young and quickly growing design furniture company that does things differently. We have a limited number of products which we design and develop ourselves. We only sell online, direct to the consumer. By doing so we can offer top quality products for an honest price to 'design lovers' all over Europe. Our headoffice and warehouses are located in the Netherlands and our team consists of a healthy mix of tech-buffs and design-lovers.

Meet the team


Customer Success Manager
Rozanne loves to make people happy. She handles requests regarding our products or services! In her free time she works on her graphic design skills, to help her with her passion for branding!


Content & Communications Manager
Nobody knows the new media landscape better than Ian. He's always online and on the scout for new partners to join forces with. Ian also manages our social media channels.


Junior Product Designer
Luis is driven by the idea that design is a tool that serves the user. His talent comes from a great sense of style and an almost phycological design approach.


Bing started Object Embassy out of frustration with the existing furniture industry. He's on a mission to democratize the high-end furniture market by doing things differently.


Product Development Manager
Alice was one of the first to join our team - and was largely responsible for the creation of our book about Pierre Jeanneret. She’s now putting her energy towards pulling new, creative projects through to completion.


Online Marketing Specialist
Once you read this, Job has achieved his goal. He's in charge of making sure people, who are looking for top-quality products for an honest price, know where to find us. Mission accomplished.


Marketing Associate
As a lover for art and design, Melissa is able to jump into any project to give her creative input. She does this by not only creating marketing campaigns for Object Embassy but also designing sneakers in her off-time.